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 Hello, my name is Paul Wesson and welcome to “Edit Step by Step”.

As someone is who relatively new to photography I am always intrigued on how photographers end up with the look they do in their photographs. I thought it would be great if there was a place on the web that contained a collection of how-to’s and tutorials where photographers can learn from other, more experienced photographers.

This site is not about the details of photography, ie. gear, settings, perspective etc., but more about how a photographer takes that image they captured from their camera and turn it into something “more”.

Yes there are plenty of sites teaching Photoshop tricks etc., but I wanted one site that was not just about Photoshop… it is about any tool you use to capture/create great images. ie. Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, Pixelmator, Gimp, Picasa etc.

If you would like to submit your “Step by Step”, please send me an e-mail to: admin AT editstepbystep dot com

NOTE: This is a brand new site and will take time to fill with content. As it grows I will add more features to make it easy to filter by tool, level of experience and by editor/photographer.


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