Heart As Black As Night

If you are on Google+, then there is a good chance you have come across the wonderful work of Measie Elizabeth. She is not only very talented with the camera, but very imaginative and artistic in her post production as well.

Measie’s self-portraits are amazing, her macro photography brings you right to the level of the subject. She does much more than just selfie’s or macros, but you’ll have to head on over to her page to see for yourself. I’m always excited to see what she does next!

Recently I ask Measie if she’d like to contribute to my site and do a step-by-step post. I was so excited and happy, when she said yes! Here it folks, a nice little step by step of how she created this awesome self-portrait titled “Heart As Black As Night“.

Photographer/Editor: Measie Elizabeth –  G+

Step 1 – Base image

Step 2 – Clone tool used to fix lip gap. Eyeliner tool to darken lips. Eyeliner tool to darken brows. Outlined eye with eyeliner tool. Clone tool to even out light in eyes. Dodge tool to adjust brightness in eyes. Cloned out stray hair.

Step 3 – Air brush tool for skin smoothing. Darkened eyebrow more with the eyeliner tool.

Step 4 – Cloned hair out to the left. Burn tool used to even it out.

Step 5 – Cropped image. Extended left side using the Simple Edge frame.

Step 6 – Color faded by 50%

[In the final step, I go by play. It depends on what I am listening to and my feels. =D]

Finishing Touches –  Eye tone color tweaked @ 50%. Dodge tool used on right side cheek. Dracula Dust Effect @ 50%. Used burn tool to darken lips a bit more. Shadow frame added.